Nutanix Pre- IPO & Post-IPO

BQ Growth Metrics for Nutanix (April 21st, 2016)

It is next to impossible to get verifiable financial data and information on private companies. With the ongoing IPO freeze of 2016, BQ wanted to track the 10 fastest growing companies in California, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

10 Fastest Growing Companies in California: Who Will IPO Next?

# Company Name Employees Revenue Indicator* growth rate
(3- Year CAGR)
Employment growth rate
(3- Year CAGR)
1 NUTANIX 564 218% 116%
3 ZIPRECRUITER INC 223 348% 211%
4 BLOOMREACH, INC. 153 137% 48%
5 APPDIRECT 162 149% 59%
6 FITBIT, INC. 413 114% 108%
7 CLOUDERA, INC. 682 135% 74%
9 GLASSDOOR, INC. 369 88% 63%
10 DOCUSIGN, INC. 900 71% 70%

BQ Prospect & BQ Report, April 2016.
*Revenue Indicators relate to employee plus company contributions to retirement plans.

With the much talked about oncoming Nutanix IPO to break the IPO freeze of 2016, it came as no surprise to see Nutanix leading the BizQualify list of fastest growing companies in California. BizQualify data shows that Nutanix has had 218% revenue growth and 116% employment growth over the last 3 years.

We leveraged the BQ Growth Score to find the fastest growing companies. The BQ Growth Score includes growth rates of revenue indicators and growth rates of employment. The BQ Growth Score was recently found to be predictive of stock price returns by Deutsche Bank Report.

The revenue indicators include employee and company contributions to pension plans, while the employment figures for the company is given by the maximum number of employees that a company files with the IRS, as eligible to receive any kind of welfare or benefits.

The other big players in the list were Opera Software, Fitbit, Cloudera, Glassdoor, Prosper MarketPlace, etc. Do you want to track financial data and information on these companies for the last 5 years and find out for yourself who will IPO next?

Post- IPO BizQualify data analysis of Nutanix (October 3rd, 2016)

Earlier in April of 2016, BQ linkedin post looked at the 10 fastest growing companies in California using BizQualify (BQ) data. BizQualify growth metrics for Nutanix clearly indicated that Nutanix was growing very rapidly and was poised to IPO, despite the fact that the IPO market was at its rock bottom for tech. companies, probably the lowest since 2009.

Lo and behold, the cloud based data storage firm made its debut IPO on NASDAQ last Friday and the firm’s stock grew over 130% during initial trading hours. While market pundits are debating over whether it signals an industry revival for the tech. companies or if the market is overheated with risks of ‘unicorn’ valuations, BizQualify growth metrics for Nutanix, which include growth rates in employment over the years, besides growth in revenue and profitability indicators signals long term growth prospects for the San Jose based technology firm.

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