Public Company Analysis For the equity analyst, quant, or institutional investor

1. U.S. public company IRS metrics & trends (4k tickers):

Obtain 250+ new financial metrics derived from IRS filings on 4k active public companies (traded on NYSE or NASDAQ) from 2010 – present, updated monthly. Deutsche Bank found these metrics to be predictive of stock price returns:

  • BQ Growth Score: 1-year & 3-year growth rates of employment, revenue, profitability, and other cash-based metrics normalized by industry.
  • Employee vs. company contributions: greater employee contributions indicate higher compensation and better performance; as insiders, employees buy company stock (via 401k) only if the company is doing well.
  • Employee welfare benefit indicators: the extent of benefit plan coverage has a positive impact on stock price returns; better treatment of employees is associated with superior performance.
Use the data to conduct:
  • Fundamental research

    Cash-based accounting metrics from audited IRS Form 5500 filings provide new insight.

  • Quantitative analysis

    Industry-normalized metrics relating to growth, employment, benefits, and dollar contributions are proven to be predictive.

Private Company Analysis For the investment banker, private equity professional, or venture capitalist

2. Form 5500 filer IRS metrics & trends (1M companies):

Leverage audited IRS Form 5500 filings pertaining to employee welfare benefits & retirement plans to generate 100% verifiable financial metrics on 1M companies (accounting for 100M employees, 90% of the U.S. labor force).

  • Verifiable firmographics: industry, address, phone, contact, & email directly from IRS filings.
  • Standardized cash-based metrics: financial performance, employment, revenue, growth, profitability, and credit risk for public & private companies.
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Use the data to conduct:
  • Due diligence

    Research a private company in depth and benchmark it against private & public industry peers using standardized financial data.

  • Prospecting

    Create lists of private companies based on EBITDA, revenue, employment, industry, location, growth, credit risk, & profitability.

Sales & KYC For the sales professional or data officer

3. U.S. company universe firmographics (10M+ companies):

Firmographics on 10M+ companies (the universe of U.S. companies with employees) derived from IRS filings, Secretary of State filings, Internet registry records, and scraped corporate websites.

  • Verifiable firmographics: industry, unique company identifier, address, phone, contact, & emails directly from IRS filings & scraped from corporate websites.
  • Employment & revenue: drawn from IRS filings for the 1M companies with employee benefit plans; for the remainder, statistically modeled using the gold standard of IRS data on 1M companies as the training sample.
  • Predictive: data is proven to be predictive of customer engagement in email campaigns.
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Use the data to conduct:
  • Sales enablement

    Create lists based on industry, location, revenue, employment, growth.

  • Master data management (MDM)

    Leverage 100% verifiable firmographics to clean and enhance your records & CRM systems.

  • Know your customer (KYC)

    Track profitability & credit risk to assess financial viability.