Public Company Analysis For the equity analyst, quant, or institutional investor

1. U.S. public company IRS metrics & trends (4k tickers):

Obtain 250+ new financial metrics derived from IRS filings on 4k active public companies (traded on NYSE or NASDAQ) from 2010 – present, updated monthly. Deutsche Bank found these metrics to be predictive of stock price returns:

  • BQ Growth Score: 1-year & 3-year growth rates of employment, revenue, profitability, and other cash-based metrics normalized by industry.
  • Employee vs. company contributions: greater employee contributions indicate higher compensation and better performance; as insiders, employees buy company stock (via 401k) only if the company is doing well.
  • Employee welfare benefit indicators: the extent of benefit plan coverage has a positive impact on stock price returns; better treatment of employees is associated with superior performance.
Use the data to conduct:
  • Fundamental research

    Cash-based accounting metrics from audited IRS Form 5500 filings provide new insight.

  • Quantitative analysis

    Industry-normalized metrics relating to growth, employment, benefits, and dollar contributions are proven to be predictive.

2. Pension liabilities of U.S. public companies (800 tickers):

Leverage IRS Form 5500 Schedule SB for 800 public companies that have defined benefits & cash balance plans.

  • Aggregated plan-level data: BQ aggregates all plan-level data for a public company, which may consist of multiple EINs and each EIN may have multiple plans.
  • Fair market value of assets & pension benefit obligations: BQ aggregates actuarial & market value of assets & benefit obligations reported in Schedule SB filings.
Use the data to conduct:
  • Accounting analytics

    Perform due diligence on pension benefit obligations, total funding targets, and minimum required contributions to identify plans with at-risk status.

  • Pension obligations analysis

    Compare fair market value of assets & benefit obligations reported in Form 5500 Schedule SB filings against those reported under GAAP accounting in SEC filings to pinpoint under-funded plans.

Private Company Analysis For the investment banker, private equity professional, or venture capitalist

3. Form 5500 filer IRS metrics & trends (1M companies):

Leverage audited IRS Form 5500 filings pertaining to employee welfare benefits & retirement plans to generate 100% verifiable financial metrics on 1M companies (accounting for 100M employees, 90% of the U.S. labor force).

  • Verifiable firmographics: industry, address, phone, contact, & email directly from IRS filings.
  • Standardized cash-based metrics: financial performance, employment, revenue, growth, profitability, and credit risk for public & private companies.
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Use the data to conduct:
  • Due diligence

    Research a private company in depth and benchmark it against private & public industry peers using standardized financial data.

  • Prospecting

    Create lists of private companies based on EBITDA, revenue, employment, industry, location, growth, credit risk, & profitability.

Sales & KYC For the sales professional or data officer

4. U.S. company universe firmographics (10M+ companies):

Firmographics on 10M+ companies (the universe of U.S. companies with employees) derived from IRS filings, Secretary of State filings, Internet registry records, and scraped corporate websites.

  • Verifiable firmographics: industry, unique company identifier, address, phone, contact, & emails directly from IRS filings & scraped from corporate websites.
  • Employment & revenue: drawn from IRS filings for the 1M companies with employee benefit plans; for the remainder, statistically modeled using the gold standard of IRS data on 1M companies as the training sample.
  • Predictive: data is proven to be predictive of customer engagement in email campaigns.
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Use the data to conduct:
  • Sales enablement

    Create lists based on industry, location, revenue, employment, growth.

  • Master data management (MDM)

    Leverage 100% verifiable firmographics to clean and enhance your records & CRM systems.

  • Know your customer (KYC)

    Track profitability & credit risk to assess financial viability.