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BQ leverages filings with the IRS and Dept. of Labor that pertain to employee benefit plans. The source filings are audited, cash based, traceable, and updated monthly.

BQ provides growth, profitability, and credit factors on U.S. public companies; and core firmographics, growth trends, and credit indicators on U.S. private companies, covering over 12 million businesses having over 20 million locations.

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Private Company Analysis For the investment banker, private equity professional, or venture capitalist

U.S. company firmographics:

  • Auditable firmographics reported to the IRS

    Obtain precise headcount, industry, revenue, and EBITDA, as well as legal name, address, phone, website, and EIN.

  • Deep coverage

    Over 20 million known corporate locations and over 100 million employees are accounted for. 74% of employment is by private companies.

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Public Company Analysis For the equity analyst, quant, or institutional investor

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U.S. public company IRS metrics & trends:

Obtain 250+ new factors and time series trends on a company’s financial health, derived from cash-based IRS metrics on active public companies from 2010 – present, updated monthly by the IRS.

  • Accountable and traceable

    Cash-based accounting combined with IRS and Dept. of Labor regulatory oversight ensure the numbers are usable and reliable. All metrics can be traced to their source filings.

  • 250+ new factor and trends

    Growth, profitability, and credit risk related metrics are normalized by industry and have been found to be predictive of stock price returns. Uncover insights by comparing IRS versus SEC-reported GAAP numbers.

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